The Buddha presented a verse named “The Foolish One” to his disciples as well as future generations:
There is a foolish one
Using rope to tie
Tie himself with rope
Fasten himself.
He suffers and groans
Need others to untie
Help me untie
Others see that.
They say to him
You drop your hand
The rope unfastens
No longer be tied.
Others say that
He curses others
I need your help
You tell nonsense.
I thought your dharma help is good, such as Chant a mantra
Or endeavor to meditate deeply
Buddhas help me.
Bodhisattva appears
Help me untie
You tell nonsense
Let me meditate alone.
Liberate for sure
You are insane!
Get out of my way
Leave me alone.
Tathagata teaches clearly
Human is like that
I show an obvious way to liberate
They do not agree.
Perceive that they are right
Anytime daily
Beg, pray, beseech and kowtow
Help me liberate.
Do not want to learn from
The truly wise one
Just want to learn mantras
Chant this, chant that.What a foolish one
Everyone is reincarnated
They cannot help themselves to liberate
So now help whom?
Tathagata enlightens you
Just need to “Cease, Leave”
The rope is untied immediately
Effortlessly liberate.


100 Best Gautama Buddha Quotes to Inspire You Everyday

Gautama Buddha (Author), Katie Haigh (Narrator)

Gautama Buddha is also known as Siddharta Gautama, or simply the Buddha, which means "Awakened" or "Enlightened". Born a prince, he chose a path of ascetism only to realize that it was as profound an illusion as self-indulgence. He achieved Enlightenment after 49 days of meditation; his awakening led him to discover the cause of suffering and the ways to eliminate it. These discoveries founded Buddhism, and his Four Noble Truths still form the heart of its teachings.

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Full documentary film about the Buddha

This documentary tells the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our own bewildering times of violent change and spiritual confusion. It features the work of some of the world’s greatest artists and sculptors, who across two millennia, have depicted the Buddha’s life in art rich in beauty and complexity. Hear insights into the ancient narrative by contemporary Buddhists, including Pulitzer Prize winning poet W.S. Merwin and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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Gautam Buddha Inspirational Story | गौतम बुद्ध की जीवनी

It is an inspirational story of Gautama Buddha. Which inspires us not to get distracted while we are passing through difficulties.

Buddha, born with the name Siddhartha Gautama, was a teacher, philosopher and spiritual leader who is considered the founder of Buddhism. ... During his meditation, all of the answers he had been seeking became clear, and he achieved full awareness, thereby becoming Buddha.

Teaching :
The word 'Buddha' means the enlightened one or the awakened one. No matter what religion you follow, what culture you have been born and brought up in, Buddha's teachings are universal. His teachings have the strength to awaken people to reality and make them introspect themselves.

Quotes :
*No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.
*Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
*The mind is everything. What you think you become.

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Cuộc đời và Ngộ đạo của 36 Vị tổ sư Thiền Tông - Nguyễn Nhân



Organization of 1 Three Realms:
Three is three, Realm is realm or boundary. Where is it?
- It’s 1 small cluster in the Cosmos Universe. If we assume within a form in the cosmos universe, the
three realms are still smaller than a piece of sand in this earth.
- In 1 the three realms has 1 Sun, there are 45 planets which have life, there are numberless of planets
created by: Gold – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth – Energy Yin – Energy Yang.
-There are 4 zodiac revolutions around the sun and 1 revolution to protect the three realms, divided as
1/- One Sun at the center: consecutive burning up the heat and light to warm and light for 45 planets
around 4 zodiac revolutions.
2/- Zodiac revolution 1: There are 6 planets created by four elements and electromagnetic energy of
Yin + Yang without color is where human, 4 others living beings, and plants live together.
3/- Zodiac revolution 2: There are 11 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang with
5 dark colors, this is where heaven realms live.
4/- Zodiac revolution 3: There are 17 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang with
12 prismatic colors divided into 2 places:
- Place 1: There are 11 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang with 12 prismatic
colors and dreamlike is where heaven realms live.
- Place 2: There are 6 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang with 12 prismatic
colors, but extremely purity is where deva immortals live.
5/- Zodiac revolution 4: There are 11 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang
without color is where heaven realms are, for those who enjoy bliss of purity to live.
6/- The protection revolution of the three realms: There is not any planet, but there are only 2electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang divided into 3 parts of use:
- Use 1 is electromagnetic energy of Yin: Always suck and compress hard together all planets in the
three realms and won’t let them escape from the three realms.
- Use 2 is electromagnetic energy of Yang: Always pushes out the three realms around and doesn’t let
all three realms collide with each other.
- Use 3 is developing the compression: Creating the compression in 1 three realms to let the living
planets and material planets gyrate and fly in the vastness of space in the three realms.
Organization of the Buddha’s world:
- Buddha’s world has 3 parts:
- One: The vastness of space so immense to embrace the universe, wherever the universe is the
Buddha’s world is that immense. In the Buddha’s world created by the energy of Halo; this energy of
Halo becomes the living for Buddha nature, the Buddha, Heaven, Immortal deva, deity, humans and all
living beings in those three realms.
- Two: Place where numberless of Buddha natures live.
- Three: Place where numberless of the Buddhas live.

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The Gnostic life of 36 Zen masters
☞ ☞ https://youtu.be/5vj0Ra5k4lc?list=PLO...
King Tran Nhan Tong teaching his children 
Universe and Buddha's Life: 
Legend of the 
The Buddha taught Zen Buddhism and the Formula of Liberation:

Chân Không

Chân Không


4 loại Đức và công dụng của mỗi loại



Bác Nguyễn Nhân trả lời:

– Ở Trái đất này có 4 loại Đức, sử dụng cho 4 nơi như:

  1. + Phước Đức Dương: Sử dụng ở các cõi Trời.
  2. + Phước Đức Âm: Sử dụng ở trên mặt đất.
  3. + Ác Đức: Sử dụng ở dưới mặt đất và dưới lòng đất. Vì vậy có câu: Người nghèo sát đất!
  4. + Công Đức: Sử dụng ở Phật Giới.

– Tất cả các Đức này không ví dụ được, mà chỉ thấy kết quả của nó như sau:

  1. 1. Phước Đức Dương: Vãng sanh lên các cõi Trời hưởng Phước.
  2. 2. Phước Đức Âm: Làm người giàu sang ở trên mặt đất hưởng Phước.
  3. 3. Ác Đức: Làm người nghèo khổ sát mặt đất và dưới lòng đất!
  4. 4. Công Đức: Đem về Phật Giới, định hình ra ngôi nhà Pháp thân thanh tịnh và Kim Thân Phật, hưởng quả vị Phật.

Trích: GIẢI ĐÁP TUYỆT MẬT CHO NGUYỄN THÀNH TÀI, TP. HỒ CHÍ MINH. Giải đáp Thiền Tông ngày 12/09/2021

Website: https://thientong.com/ufo/

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