Why do humans destroy this earth?


👉First question: Dear World Honored One, when Matanga used Magic to induce me to have sex with her,
World Honored One used a mantra to help me at that time. So, can World Honored One teach us that
mantra for us to protect ourselves? World Honored One, please teach us?

👉Second question: After returning to Buddha Realm, would World Honored One come back to this world

👉Third question: When World Honored One dwells in Buddha Realm, would World Honored One do
anything to have more merit?

👉Fourth question: Why do human beings destroy the life of this earth?

👉Fifth question: Before entering Nirvana, would World Honored One teach us anything else?

The Buddha taught:

✨First question:
Ananda, when you were induced by Matanga’s magic, Tathagata used Celestial Eyes seeing that, and
therefore Tathagata asked an Asura to come there.

 When an Asura came, Hungry Ghosts which were
manipulated by Matanga saw the Asura and they therefore left away, leading Matanga’s magic to be no
longer effective.

 Tathagata have no incantations or supernatural power to teach you. You think, if
Tathagata have charms or supernatural power, Tathagata would be an Asura, not The Great Whole
Enlightenment One.

✨Second question:
Ananda, in Buddha Realm, Dharma body and Golden body of each Buddha is formed by Halo Energy and
merit. Because living in this place is naturally still and pure, which is totally different from living in
this earth, Tathagata as well as all Buddhas in Ten directions cannot come back to this world.
However, Tathagata and all Buddhas in Ten directions have mission that is using Buddha Eyes to
observe this world as well as other myriad of worlds to help those who are willing to be enlightened
and liberate.

 If there is anyone who want to liberate, Tathagata as well as all Buddhas in Ten
directions embody to support those who need helps and then come back to Buddha Realm after
finishing without staying here for a long time.

✨Third question:
Every Buddha in Buddha Realm will have more merit, if that Buddha embody to human realm to support
those wanting to liberate.

✨Fourth question:
Human beings destroy themselves because of this reason:
In each human nature, the most powerful parts are Cognition, Greed and Cruelty, resulting in a huge
Ego. In this earth, when the Ego increases into 10 billion units, this earth cannot stand any more, and
therefore human being naturally annihilate each other. This is the law: Forming – Maintaining – Decay –
Destruction in this earth!

✨Fifth question:
Tathagata’s last teaching words have 4 parts saving in this Secret Transmitted Scrolls Archive for you as
well as for people in future lives to know:
Firstly, Enlightenment is to comprehend the law of reincarnation as well as samsara in this earth and in
one Three Realms.

Secondly, knowing clearly the formula of Liberation out of Electromagnetic Energy of Yin Yang physical
pulling momentum in this earth and in Three Realms.

Thirdly, there are 5 beings living together in this earth, especially:
- Asura: their mission is to establish religions to satisfy human’s Cognition and craving, which means
that is to bring human’s Cognition and craving to dwell peacefully in religions.

- Human being: their mission is to Think and Imagine, leading them to reincarnating in Six
Reincarnation Paths and one separate path of plants.

Fourthly, regarding worshiping in this earth, you must understand that:
- Nowadays, there are Pantheon, Temple, Shrine, Joss-House, Church established to worship Asura in
this earth. Due to human’s establishing of those places, they peacefully bring their Cognition for Asura
to keep. Thanks to dwelling in a peaceful place, human’s Cognition and craving become gentle.

- After Tathagata enters Nirvana, you establish pagodas to appreciate and remember Tathagata’s
teaching of enlightenment and liberation, knowing the law of samsara as well as formula to return toBuddha Realm. Nevertheless, people living in later lives do this in a wrong way. 

They take advantages
of Tathagata’s religion and delude others as:
Tathagata cast blessing!
• Tathagata has supernatural power!
• Tathagata is epiphany!

In later lives, there are only 1 or 2 people out of 10.000 people following Tathagata’s religion do in the
right way. 

The remaining people take advantages of Tathagata’s religion to gain reputation and

They wear sanghati robe to conceal and to deceive foolish people coming to worship, pray
and donate money. These people execute exactly the same as Demon’s curse.

You should listen carefully to Tathagata’s last important teaching words:

- In this earth where 5 beings live together, Asura beings’ missions are to create strange and mysterious
phenomena, causing human being to be scared and to believe that there are Asura existing, and
therefore, they do not dare to do sins. 

Additionally, Asura “borrow” the body of those who have
beautiful appearance and fluently presenting skill to establish religion in which human being bring their
Cognition and Greed to dwell peacefully.

- Tathagata cannot come to this world, because this world cannot bear a huge amount of Halo Energy.

- Tathagata has lived in this Three Realms by nearly 8 billion years! That is extremely terrifying!

- Tathagata teaches you clearly that Tathagata does not come to pagodas which hold praying, chanting

👉Why is that?
Because Tathagata is not an Asura that comes to these pagodas to cast blessings and eat donated food.
Tathagata only embodies to Zen Zong pagoda to support this dharma transmitting as its stream.

The Buddha continued to teach Ananda:
Ananda, once again, you should preserve clearly Tathagata’s teaching words in this Secret Transmitted
Scrolls Archive, which have 5 essential parts, for human in later lives to understand:

✨👉First, those who follow Buddhism and practice effortlessly to be enlightened as well as to liberate are
practicing correctly as Tathagata’s teaching.

✨👉Second, the holders of pagodas established to cultivate and endeavor practicing are executing correctly
as Tathagata’s teaching. These are still reincarnating in samsara.

✨👉Third, for pagodas which are established to teach Chanting, these pagodas teach people to connect
with Asura.

✨👉Fourth, for pagodas which are established to teach Dedicating Things, these pagodas teach people to
be Hungry Ghosts’ friends.
Fifth, for pagodas which are established to do Divining – Sortilege, these pagodas teach people to get
on well with Spirits.Ananda listened carefully to the Buddha’s teaching. He came into tears and presented to the Buddha:
“I vow to follow World Honored One’s teaching”. 

He respectfully bowed to the Buddha and then


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Quyển 09 - Sách Trắng Thiền Tông Nói rõ sự thật vũ trụ này - Thiền Tông - Thích Ca Mâu Ni


Cosmos Universe:
The vastness space immense and boundless, in that it has 2 parts:
1/- Buddha’s world that is where Buddha natures and the Buddhas live.
2/- Three realms where Heaven realms, Deva immortals, Human beings and living beings live.

Human realm has 6 duties:
- One: Creating Yang good deeds karma, to be born in Heaven realms or the Pure Land to enjoy Yang
blessing bliss.
- Two: Creating Yin good deeds karma, to become deity or wealthy people in this earth.
- Three: Creating evil deeds karma, to be in animals’ realm, hell realm or plants realm.
- Four: Do not create any Yang good deeds karma or Yin good deeds karma, but wanted to live forever
in the ancestry.
- Five: Creating merits to return back to the Buddha’s world.
- Six: Creating an immediate state body to transport 5 duties mention above to enjoy blessing bliss of
Yang good deeds karma in Heavens or Pure Land; Yin good deeds karma; Karma lives in the ancestry;
paid for evil deeds karma; or transport the sheath of Buddha nature which has stored merits to return
to the Buddha’s world.

Hungry Ghost realm has 1 duty:
To scramble for foods with others.

Animal realm has 2 duties:One is paying for causes and effects when being human desired killing animals.
Two is becoming foods for human beings and others types.

Hell realm has 1 duty:
Paid for causes and effects when being human committed strong sin.

Plants realm has 2 duties:
One: Paying for causes and effects when being a human mislead others about liberation.
Two: Becoming foods for human beings and others types.

Constructive of the earth:
The earth is created by 5 elements: earth – water – air – fire – Energy of Yin Yang.

Duties of the earth:
- Being a platform for humans, all types of animals, and all types of plants to live.
- Rotate to create magnetic attraction of physics born through the causal reincarnation.
- Place that contains 6 types of living beings: Asuras, humans, hungry ghosts, animals, hell, and plants.
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👉Zen Buddhism white book 

Cuộc đời và Ngộ đạo của 36 Vị tổ sư Thiền Tông - Nguyễn Nhân



Organization of 1 Three Realms:
Three is three, Realm is realm or boundary. Where is it?
- It’s 1 small cluster in the Cosmos Universe. If we assume within a form in the cosmos universe, the
three realms are still smaller than a piece of sand in this earth.
- In 1 the three realms has 1 Sun, there are 45 planets which have life, there are numberless of planets
created by: Gold – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth – Energy Yin – Energy Yang.
-There are 4 zodiac revolutions around the sun and 1 revolution to protect the three realms, divided as
1/- One Sun at the center: consecutive burning up the heat and light to warm and light for 45 planets
around 4 zodiac revolutions.
2/- Zodiac revolution 1: There are 6 planets created by four elements and electromagnetic energy of
Yin + Yang without color is where human, 4 others living beings, and plants live together.
3/- Zodiac revolution 2: There are 11 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang with
5 dark colors, this is where heaven realms live.
4/- Zodiac revolution 3: There are 17 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang with
12 prismatic colors divided into 2 places:
- Place 1: There are 11 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang with 12 prismatic
colors and dreamlike is where heaven realms live.
- Place 2: There are 6 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang with 12 prismatic
colors, but extremely purity is where deva immortals live.
5/- Zodiac revolution 4: There are 11 planets created by the electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang
without color is where heaven realms are, for those who enjoy bliss of purity to live.
6/- The protection revolution of the three realms: There is not any planet, but there are only 2electromagnetic energy of Yin + Yang divided into 3 parts of use:
- Use 1 is electromagnetic energy of Yin: Always suck and compress hard together all planets in the
three realms and won’t let them escape from the three realms.
- Use 2 is electromagnetic energy of Yang: Always pushes out the three realms around and doesn’t let
all three realms collide with each other.
- Use 3 is developing the compression: Creating the compression in 1 three realms to let the living
planets and material planets gyrate and fly in the vastness of space in the three realms.
Organization of the Buddha’s world:
- Buddha’s world has 3 parts:
- One: The vastness of space so immense to embrace the universe, wherever the universe is the
Buddha’s world is that immense. In the Buddha’s world created by the energy of Halo; this energy of
Halo becomes the living for Buddha nature, the Buddha, Heaven, Immortal deva, deity, humans and all
living beings in those three realms.
- Two: Place where numberless of Buddha natures live.
- Three: Place where numberless of the Buddhas live.

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